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Sports Flooring


Maxwood have the specialized expertise you need to create outstanding sports flooring. We work with the renown Junckers system, famous worldwide for consistently manufacturing quality sports flooring - a major plus for all our clients.

The type of sports played and your budget will define your specific custom floor. A low-budget floor may suit a primary school; while a high school gymnasium also used for professional training may need a floor matched to international standards. A floor with closer battens for a solid feel may be the best option for basketball, while a dancefloor can have a foam under-lay for springiness and support.

Aesthetics are also important and a variety of species and grades - such as a knot-free option - are all offered.

High visibility sport line markings are painted onto the floors

We specialise in large projects - a sports centre with six basketball courts would be typical, although smaller floors are also undertaken.


Photo 1
Battens and Underlays.  This cutaway photo displays the foam underlay suitable for a dance floor. Each Floor is unique with it's own specific requirements and can be tuned to your needs. 
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altPhoto 2

Working with our German Junckers Flooring System famous worldwide for consistant results, quality is assured.

altPhoto 3

Aesthetically pleasing Maxwood floors will enhance any sporting complex.

altPhoto 4

Easily maintained, Maxwood floors last. 


Photo 5
Multiple finishes are available . Speak with your Maxwood representative to discuss your specific requirements

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