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Retractable Staging

Kotobuki DS-Power Operated Retractable Stages

DS-10 is a power operated folding stage that opens out from its stowed position in a wall recess. Variations on the standard model include the DS-10W, which is twice as deep as the standard DS-10, and the DS-10P, which includes a proscenium.

The DS-10 series consists of wall mounted stages with electrically powered opening and storage. The stages can be folded into 2 or 4 segments for wall storage, allowing them to be installed even in spaces with low ceilings. The stages can be both opened and stowed using simple push buttons.

DS-10 Standard Specifications

DS-10 Standard Specifications

Frame Rectangular steel tube with synthetic resin paint (black) - legs, beam and joist
Operation Remote control with push button operation (opening and closing / emergency stop)
Live load Maximum 360kg/m2
Wiring Primary wiring work for 3 phase 200V motor (with earth wire), and secondary wiring work between control panel and operating switch are to be done by others if the switch is separated. *3 phase 200V is the standard specification of the motor.

Prices do not include transportation, installation and travel expenses which will be calculated according to individual circumstances. Floor surface finish: locally produced to suit the aesthetics of your facility.

DS-10S (Single)

THE DS-10S (Single)

The one-sided folding stage is the base model of the DS-10 series.

With its simple structure, the stage can be stored in a recess less than 50cm deep.

This model is ideal for installation in existing buildings with limited space.

Please see the DS-10 series standard specifications.

DS-10W (Double)

THE DS-10W (Double)

The DS-10W is a folding double-depth stage, formed by connecting 2 DS-10S stages. It is ideal for spaces with low ceilings that need deep stages, or for underneath gymnasium galleries.

The DS-10W can also be folded out halfway on occasions when only a smaller stage is needed.

The fully opened stage is suitable for large productions such as plays and concerts.

The halfway opened configuration may be suitable for lectures, presentations and speeches which require less space on stage.

The DS-10W can be opened and closed quickly and easily.

Please see the DS-10 series standard specifications.


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