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Education & Lecture

Maxwood and Kotobuki offer products that work with an educational environment which keeps evolving with the times.

We respond to these changing needs by tapping our accumulated expertise and using the latest technology. The result? The continous creation of comfortable educational environments.

Available in Individual or Fixed Styles

Kotobuki TSG series

Minimal but functionally designed selected auditorium seating models for all kinds of venues. Budget friendly.

Kotobuki SDG series

Compact storage , comfortable seating angle. Designed for privacy.

G1 Bench Table

A continuous bench type fixed table and an automatically folding seat.

G2 Individual Fixed Table

Individually folding seats and tables for a greater egress walkway than that of a fixed table model.

G3 with Writing Pallet

Large, individually folding tables suitable for both left and right handed people

G3T Lecture Seating

Has a sprung back to reduce the overall depth of the seat.

G4  Swing-Away Seating

The G4 has a fixed table with individual swing-away seats that allows access and egress along the back of the seat.

G5 Tight Fold Pallet

Large individually folding tables suitable for both left and right handed people.

FCG series

Best-selling chair series for its highest level of comfort with 3D curved design and mesh upholstery.

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