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G3T Lecture Seating

Fixed Lecture Theatre Seat with Folding Writing Tablet

Suitable for Auditorium & Lecture Theatre use, the G3T has a sprung back to reduce the overall depth of the seat. It has been designed to have all the same features as a standard G3 with the added benefit of being able to fit on a narrower tier width.



  • High strength steel frame,
  • Able to be fitted to a narrow tier
  • Quick change upholstery
  • No sewn seams
  • Full size writing palette
  • Pallet table folds completely away
  • Seats padded or moulded
  • Fully guaranteed for 3 years


  • Standard powder-coat colour range
  • Formica high pressure laminates or Melamine low pressure laminates
  • Desk top vinyls
  • Selection of Edging
  • Aligned or staggered seating
  • Straight or Angled Rows
  • Any upholstery colour - fabrics as selected
  • Standard wool or standard polypropylene

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