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G2 Individual Fixed Table

Lecture Theatre Seat with Individual Table

The G2 seat has individually folding seats and tables. These provide a much greater egress walkway than a fixed table model.The seating position is closer than the fixed table models and can provide more comfort, especially where wider egress walkways are required.

Please contact Maxwood for information on additional styles, sizes and models.



  • Fully Guaranteed for 3 years
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Automatic folding seat without springs
  • Very wide egress walkways
  • Minimum Floor obstruction for cleaning
  • No sewn seams
  • Quick change upholstery
  • Safe operation to guard against injury
  • Individual folding tables with very good leg clearance


  • Standard or Staggered Seating
  • Straight or Angled Rows
  • Any Upholstery Colour- Fabrics as selected
  • Standard Wool or Standard Polypropylene

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