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B2.b Self-Righting Retractable Bollards

To provide emergency access and resist damage.

The Self-Righting Retractable Bollards have been developed to take a nudge from a vehicle and can be displaced up to about 45° without damage to the bollard. Should they be nudged more than 45° then a link inside will snap and the Bollard will fall flat on the ground but be retained in the general area by a chain. Later the swappable link can be replaced and the bollard returned to its upright position. When an authorised vehicle requires access to a controlled area, the Self-Righting Retractable bollards can be unlocked with a key and lowered into the ground.
  • Polished 304 Stainless Steel construction with reflective ring. Grade 316 available on request
  • Can be pushed over to about 45° by vehicles only and will automatically return to upright position.· When pushed beyond 45°
  • (e.g. by a Fire Engine for access) a shear pin will break allowing the bollard to drop to the ground.· When dropped, the bollard will remain secured by a chain.
  • A new low-cost shear pin and a few minutes of labour will restore the bollard.
  • Combines Self-Righting and Retractable features
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